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John Bazyk

LDS Business College

Better Than an MBA

Experiences at LDS Business College gives student the skills to succeed beyond what some others with an MBA were able to accomplish.

Sydney Boyer


Student Seeks to Improve Learning with Technology

Sydney Boyer, an elementary education major, who researched how teachers integrate technology into curriculum to engage students in meaningful learning.

Colton Graham and Sean Larson


Bringing Wholeness to Victims of Civil War

Sierra Leone’s civil war left behind more than 27,000 amputees. Recent BYU students created an adjustable and affordable prosthetic socket for the veterans.

Julianne Francisco


Be a Light On the Hill, BYU Broadcasting Director Inspires Knight Society Donors

Speaking to a group of Knight Society members (those who have included BYU in their estate planning) at their annual luncheon, Michael Dunn thanked the society as one of the groups responsible for the broadcast entity’s growth.

Coney Pulla


Buy a Bag, Feed a Family

Coney Pulla of India was born into the lowest level of the Hindu caste system. After attending BYU–Hawaii on an IWORK scholarship, he co-founded a multimillion-dollar social enterprise that donates rice to families in need throughout India.

Julianne Francisco


An Unheeded Warning That Led to a New Passion

Julianne Francisco is grateful she ignored advice to avoid ruining her GPA by taking her information systems course too early. She quickly discovered she’d found her professional passion.

Brianna Rosier


Learning to Advocate for Underserved Communities

Brianna Rosier arrived at BYU dedicated to a future in public interest; she now enters her final year at law school with an idea of what her future holds.

Henrique Santos

LDS Business College

Musical Miracles

After a serious car accident, Henrique was in danger of having to drop out of school.

Naomi Rhondeau


Prevention Rather Than Treatment

After seeing people on her mission suffer from health problems, Naomi Rhondeau changed her major to find ways to help more people.